Zero Down Time Microservices

In GDG Devfest Istanbul, I have talked about Zero Down Time Microservices. The main concept was Microservices with Node.js dispatched by another Node.js application with service discovery backed by MongoDB. All the requests dispatched by dispatcher will be synchronized to Elasticsearch. By doing this, all the logs will be analyzed on Kibana and will be able to monitor by providing threshold to api requests.

Don’t Try to Unit Test Controller Request Validation

Don’t try to unit test controller request validation, because MockMvc is a container-less spring platform that means exception resolver will not be activated during controller unit test. MethodArgumentNotValidException will not be resolved and you will get an empty response body with desired status(400 Bad Request) on your response inside unit test section. The best way to test controller request validation for bad request assertion is testing it inside integration tests of controllers.

DevFest Istanbul 2015 – Infinite Scalable Systems with Docker, Docker Swarm, Docker Machine

My talk about Infinite Scalable Systems with Docker, Docker Machine and Docker Swarm in GDG Istanbul’15 . I have provided quick history and introduction about Docker, and then setup native clustering system with Docker Machine and Docker Swarm. Finally, I have scaled Node.js microservices with entire architecture. Hope you have fun.

Groovy Closure Example

A closure is an anonymous code block that can take arguments, return value, and also can be assigned to a variable. When it comes to Groovy, a closure can contain a variable scope defined outside of the closure expression. Groovy offers extended features to formal closure definition. By using this …

Groovy Regex Example

Regular Expression is a character sequence defines search pattern especially for pattern matching with strings. You may see Regular Expression as Regex or Regexp in software world. In this tutorial, I will show you how to use regex operations in Groovy by using pretty easy methods.

Groovy Date Example

Date operations may be painful in most of the programming languages. You may spend most of your time to convert dates from one format to another one. In Groovy, date operations are very easy. Groovy has lots of functions extended from JDK Date API, this allows us to use date …

Groovy Array Example

In previous tutorials, we have mentioned about Groovy List and provided lots of examples. In this tutorial, I will show you how to use Groovy arrays. Even if array and list seems to be same, they have differences in common. For example, arrays have fixed size while lists have dynamic …

Build a Real-Time Chat Application With Modulus and Spring Boot

In this tutoral, we will use Spring Boot for the web development environment, Websockets for real-time communication, Tomcat for the Java application container, Gradle for building and managing the dependencies, Thymeleaf for template rendering, MongoDB for data storage, and finally there will be no XML for bean configurations. Just to make you …