Notifyer Dashboard

Notifyer is Web Push as A Service for sending web push notifications to segmented customers and gather some analytics about customers and their actions.  I have used React on the front end side and Node.js on the backend side. Also, all the customer information and actions saved to MongoDB. Web push notifications are sent through GCM. Using notifyer is very easy, you can activate push notification system by simply adding notifyer js library from notifyer CDN.

Reakt.FM is a music platform that you can randomly be suggested via selecting predefined reaktion moods. I have used AngularJS on frontend side and PHP on backend side. There is a social media integration on this project and all the social media information stored in MongoDB, track informations stored in MySQL. Frontend and Backend projects are totally different and AngularJS calls backend services by using JWT authentication.



Game Of Life

Game of Life

This is a complete hobby project for demonstrating Game of Life on a real demo written by using jQuery and HTML. This is an open source project and you can have a look at this repo and give it a try for demo here